JavaCasa Music Publishing (BMI)


JavaCasa Music is a registered Publisher with BMI.

We publish and distribute a limited number of music projects per year, most of which are geared toward the online ministries our parent company JavaCasa Music & Media (formerly "JavaCasa Web Resources).  These online resources include the JavaCasa Video and Multimedia Resource Site as well as

While our parent company is primarily serving the education needs of the religious community via various online ministry sites, we understand our mission at JavaCasa Music to transcend this context as we encompass various genres of music as long as they support positive values and theistic ethics.


We believe music is a divine gift to humankind and is at it's best when it stirs passion and inspires the human spirit to reach higher ideals. Our goal is to publish and promote  inspirational music of  various genres--singer/songwriter, pop, rock, country, gospel, seasonal and Contemporary Christian.