Sermon Sample Excerpt

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Slide #8: As the tree continues to grow, it is subjected to dry spells, storms, and harsh weather.  It is during those “rough” times that the roots grow deeper and that the tree is being established.  Before a tree can become tall and strong it needs to grow deep roots. And studies actually show that storms cause roots to grow deeper.

The “post-honeymoon” phase will be marked by tests.  Our love and patience will be tested as we need to learn to respond in a loving manner toward people around us--even those who attack us, mock us, and test our patience.

Paul knew what he was talking about, because he wrote these same words, he prayed this prayer from a prison cell.  He had been beaten, mocked, and persecuted and he had endured the dangers of exhausting mission trips many times.

Slide #8:  Reading of Jeremiah 17:7-8

Slide #9: If you’ve got deep roots, you don’t worry in a year of heat and drought. At this point in your spiritual growth you have some life experience; you realize that hard times will come and go. You remember how God has helped you through those rough stretches in the past, and you know that there are opportunities –yes, opportunities—for growth during those times.


Slide #10: And if you’ve got deep roots, you will never fail to bear fruit. You will find that during rough times you are still able to serve and to help others, especially those who are young in the faith.  You can go for stretches of time without rain and still go strong.....


  Download for  $3.95