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Press Release 12/14/15 - JavaCasa announces the rease of Christmas video "In Excelsis Deo"

Press Release 12/03/15 - JavaCasa announces the Holiday singles release of "In Excelsis Deo"

Press Release 02/18/14 - JavaCasa announces the release of the Chaz DePaolo DVD "One Night in Iona"

Press Release 03/01/13 - JavaCasa has contracted with Chaz DePaolo  for the production of Music DVDs

Press Release 01/10/2013 - JavaCasa celebrates the release of Franklyn Schaefer's "Guitar Reflections-Then & Now"

Press Release 10/29/12 - Plaque presented to Frank Schaefer, JavaCasa Music in appreciation of the recently produced Damaskus Road demo CD

Press Release 10/01/12 - Singles release of Joyful World by Franklyn Schaefer
Press Release 09/23/12 - Release of the Damaskus Road Demo CD
Press Release 08/02/2012 -  Worship band Damaskus Road to record demo CD in JavaCasa Music studio

Press Release 05/03/2012 -  Jackie Black  releases 5 track  EP "Hymns of Praise" as well as  debut singles "Reach Them."

Press  Release 02/16/2012 - Becca Wise releases her debut song: "I know He Loves Me."

Press Release 11/30/2011 - "Magnificat" Singles published by Franklyn Schaefer, featuring Amy Rose, to be used as the sound track in a Christmas video starring Whitney Francois as Virgin Mary

Press  Release 09/12/2011- Amy Rose's debut single: "Right Where I'm Supposed to Be"

Press Release 03/23/2011 - "Easter Epic" Instrumental Singles published, along with the Easter Epic Music Video

Press Release 01/03/2011 - Franklyn Schaefer's  new CD "Love Like An Ocean" released

Press  Release 09/15/2010 - Franklyn Schaefer and Howard Lee, an Jamaican-American artist, collaborate on a new song

Press  Release 02/18/2009 - Franklyn Schaefer, Marie Siemens, karen Loveless,  collaborate on  "All American Country Girl"
Press  Release 06/20/2008 -
JavaCasa Music releases CD "Keep On Smiling;  by artist, Franklyn Schaefer

Press  Release 04/25/2008 - Recording Phase for "Keep On Smiling" is completed.



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