Sermon Excerpt:

A multi-media sermon presentation

based on Genesis 1
By Frank Schaefer

Genesis chapter 1 is an account probably from the Priestly tradition which flourished from the time the temple was erected  under King Solomon.  Genesis 1 reads very different from the creation story in Genesis 2; there is a certain rhythm, a meter, and certain repetitions such as “And God saw that it was good” as well as “And there was evening, and there was morning—the first …second… third day,” etc

It has been suggested that the reading of Genesis 1 was part of the temple worship services at one time. And one can easily see why that is entirely possible. It has the feel of a call to worship or a psalm.

The creation passage from Genesis 1 is a true celebration of God’s Creation—a Tribute to our Creator God.  There are so many “wows” in this passage, and yet, to some Christians the passage poses some difficulties.

So let’s address the “difficulties” some believers have with this passage and move on to celebrate, because that’s what this passage calls us to do—to celebrate our God, our faith, and God’s creation.

One of the most common difficulties people have with Genesis 1 is that the world view expressed is not consistent with our modern understanding.

What does Genesis 1 actually say? 

1.     When God went to shape creation, according to Genesis 1:2, there was something there already, namely the “deep” and water—a primordial ocean if you will.  Critics will point out that that’s very different from modern scientific understanding of a universe that started with a big bang.


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